grade. (In filling such positions, competitive procedures must be          used and candidates usually are identified by the Servicing Personnel          Office rather than through a vacancy announcement and application procedure.) The term "Reengineered Position" means a new position resulting from the restructuring of the duties of one or more already established positions through planned management action.

b. Optional Reduction -When solicitation throughout the normal area would be clearly impractical because extenuating and unique circumstances exist, the promotion record must contain complete  documentation justifying the smaller area, which shall only be instituted by mutual consent of the parties.

6.  Extending the Area of Consideration. When the area of consideration does not or is not expected to produce an adequate number of    well-qualified candidates for the selecting official's consideration, it    may be extended by the Administration.  The vacancy announcement will  identify the extended area of consideration.

7.  Consideration of 4100 Candidates.  SSA employees outside the normal area of consideration for positions covered by this article will be  considered as follows:

a.The employee can submit an SSA Form 4100, Availability for  Assignment, and supporting attachments, designated on the form, to the          appropriate Servicing Personnel Office.  They should indicate thereon          the specific position or types of positions, and location(s) for which          they wish to be considered.  In order to be considered for a particular vacancy, the employees must have the form on file with the Servicing Personnel Office prior to closing of the announcement.

b.  The Servicing Personnel Office will acknowledge receipt of  the form, verify that the application is complete and will ensure consideration is given for the positions for which consideration is  requested.

c. The 4100 will be considered for vacancies for one (1) year  following the date of receipt except if the area of consideration was reduced under the provisions of Section 5(C)5 of this article.

d.  Those employees identified for positions through the 4100  process will be evaluated and ranked along with the employees applying in the normal area of consideration.   

8.  Consideration of SSA Candidates for Reinstatement.  Where a former SSA employee applies for reinstatement, and is eligible for  consideration, the Servicing Personnel Office will determine the bargaining unit positions for which the individual may be considered and if  consideration must be