appointment) to a position at the same or lower grade than the highest    permanent grade held under a career or career conditional appointment provided the candidate was not demoted or separated for personal cause from a higher grade and also provided that the position does not have known promotional potential to a grade higher than the highest permanent grade held.

4. Reinstatement to the same career ladder position for which an employee was previously selected competitively or to a similar career ladder  position having similar qualification requirements and having no greater known promotional potential.

5. Reinstatement of a former SSA employee to a position which is the higher-graded successor to a position he/she previously held. Such reinstatements may be made noncompetitivel when classification of the successor position is based on the establishment of a new position classification standard or the revision of a position classification standard.

6.  A position change permitted by reduction-in-force regulations.

E.  Additional procedures for non-competitive details and reassignments are described in  Article 27.

Section 7--Vacancy Announcements and Areas of Consideration

A.  Positions and training to be announced.  All actions requiring the use of competitive procedures under this Agreement will be announced and posted throughout the area of consideration.

B.  For a period of 10 workdays prior to considering candidates from outside the AFGE-bargaining unit, the Employer agrees to first consider for selection internal candidates.

C.  Areas of Consideration.  The area of consideration for a position vacancy is that area in which the Administration should reasonably expect to locate enough well-qualified candidates.  Employees within an area of consideration are given the opportunity to be considered by means of the vacancy announcement and application procedures and/or by being automatically considered without having to submit an application.  Unless otherwise indicated in this article, areas of consideration applicable when filling bargaining unit position vacancies are as follows:

1. For all positions at GS-14 and GS-15, SSA-wide;

2. For all other positions at GS-8 and above, SSA Regionwide;

3. For all other positions at GS-7 and below, SSA commuting areawide.