permanently by transfer or reinstatement. If it is determined that these methods are not feasible, the parties will meet and confer on the methods to be utilized.

F. The procedures for vacancies filled under competitive actions are described in this article.

Section 6--Applicability of Non Competitive Actions

A. Promotions.  The following promotions may be taken on a non-competitive basis unless otherwise provided:

1. Promotion of the incumbent of a position that is reclassified at a    higher grade due to the accretion of additional duties and responsibilities  and not on planned management action.  To be eligible for a non-competitive promotion in this situation the employee must have performed the higher level duties for at least 6 months, must have continued to perform the same basic function, and the employee's former position must be absorbed  administratively  into the new position.

2.  Promotion of an incumbent or an individual entitled to reemployment    rights to a position that is reclassified to a higher grade without significant change in duties or responsibilities, either on the basis of a new classification standard or as the result of correction of an original    classification error.  When the incumbent of the upgraded position meets  the legal  requirements and qualification standards for promotion to the higher grade, the incumbent will be promoted.

3. Promotion of an employee previously selected competitively for a lower step of a career ladder.

4.  Promotion after receiving priority consideration.

5. Promotion of an employee when directed by authorized authorities    (i.e., judges, arbitrators, FLRA and other appropriate authorities).

6. Agencies may noncompetitively reinstate, transfer, promote an employee up to the highest grade previously held on a permanent basis under career  or career-conditional appointment, provided the employee was not demoted or  separated from that grade because of deficiencies in performance or "for cause" reasons.

7.  Temporary promotions to a higher grade totaling 120 days or less    during any 12-month period.  If a temporary promotion which was not    expected to exceed 120 days was originally made on a noncompetitive basis,  any extension beyond 120 days must be made under competitive procedures.