When career ladder plans are established and/or revised, the Administration will provide notice to the Union in accordance with Article 4 of this contract or under provisions established by the NPC. The employee will be provided with a copy of any revised career ladder plan within 30 days of such revision.

Section 4 - - Career Ladder Advancement

A. At the time the employee reaches his/her earliest date of promotion eligibility, the Administration will decide whether or not to promote the employee.

1. If an employee is certified as successful and is meeting the promotion criteria in the career ladder plan, the Administration will certify the promotion which will be effective at the beginning of the first pay period after the requirements are met.

2. If an employee is not meeting the criteria for promotion, the employee will be provided with a written notice at least 60 days prior to earliest date of promotion eligibility. The written notice will state what the employee needs to do to meet the promotion plan criteria.

a. If the employee is making progress, the supervisor will ensure that he/she has the opportunity to acquire pertinent skills and knowledge and to demonstrate that he/she meets promotion requirements as soon as is feasible.

b. If the employee is experiencing problems, the provisions in (B) are applicable.

3. In the event that the employee met the promotion criteria but the appropriate management official failed to initiate the promotion timely, the promotion will be retroactive to the beginning of the first pay period after the pay period in which the requirements were met.

B. At any time a supervisor and/or employee recognizes an employee's need for assistance in meeting the career ladder advancement criteria, the supervisor and employee will develop a plan tailored to assisting the employee in meeting the criteria. The plan should include all applicable training as well as any other appropriate support. At the request of the employee, the Union may provide assistance.

If a non-probationary employee fails to meet the promotion criteria after the appropriate assistance, the Administration will:

1. provide the employee with additional time to meet the promotion criteria or