d. The National Partnership Council (NPC) will provide oversight of the joint committees in the development and implementation of career ladder positions.

2. Joint Committee Charter - In accordance with the commitments expressed in this article, the committees are chartered to:

a. review and consider existing positions and work functions within the rerspective component in all job categories (i.e. professional, technical, administrative, clerical, wage grade).

b. consolidate/revise existing positions and develop career ladder positions where appropriate. The committees will attempt to design career ladders which provide opportunities for both lateral movement between career ladder positions and promotion to higher- grade career ladder positions.

c. Within timeframes established by the NPC, submit a final report including job descriptions in sufficient detail to allow for classification action upon approval by the NPC.

D. The NPC will establish a joint committee to recommend approaches for expanding opportunities for employee movement across component lines.

E. The NPC will either approve or remand joint committee recommendations timely.

Section 3--Career Ladder Plans

A. Career ladder positions help employees to develop to successfully perform higher-level duties through training and incremental assignment of more complex work. The responsibilities assigned to the entry levels of career ladder positions will involve more basic skills and knowledge, as compared to the journey level responsibilities. The responsibilities at each levlel of the career ladder position will be conveyed to employees through the position description and career ladder plan.

Career ladder plans will be developed that are tailored to the complexity of the job duties and that will permit individuals to proceed at their own pace in learning and assuming the fuller range of duties.

B. A career ladder plan will be established for each career ladder position. The career ladder plan will outline the objective criteria for each grade level which an employee must meet in order to be promoted. A copy of the plan will be given to each employee upon entry into the career ladder and when he/she is promoted to a new level of the career ladder. The employee will also be advised of his/her earliest date of promotion eligibility.