Article 25


Section 1--Invoking Arbitration

A grievance processed under this agreement, if unresolved may be referred to arbitration as provided for in this article.  A referral to arbitration can be made only by the Union or the Administration and shall be in writing.  Such referral shall be made within fifteen (15) working days after receipt of the written decision rendered in the final step of an action processed under Article 24 (Grievance Procedure) or under the conditions specified elsewhere in this agreement.

Within TEN (10) WORKING days from the date of the request for arbitration, the parties shall try to define the issue(s).  If the parties fail to agree on a joint submission of the issue for arbitration, each shall submit a separate submission and the arbitrator shall determine the issue or issues to be heard.

Section 2--Panels

At the national level, the parties have established permanent panels of arbitrators located through out the country.

Section 3--Removal of Arbitrators

Any arbitrator on a panel may be removed from the list by either party on each anniversary date of the establishment of the specific panel by giving a 30-day written notice to the arbitrator with a copy to the other party.  Upon receipt of written notice, no further cases will be assigned to that  arbitrator, but the arbitrator will hear and decide any cases already assigned to him/her.  Within ten (10) workdays after receipt of such notice, the parties shall mutually agree upon another arbitrator to replace the arbitrator removed.  The newly selected arbitrator will be placed on the list and will take cases on a rotational basis in the same manner as the  arbitrator he/she replaces would have received them.  The parties may mutually agree to remove an arbitrator at any time.

Section 4--Refusal to Participate

Should either party refuse to participate in arbitration, the other party may present the case to the next arbitrator in the rotation, who shall have authority to render a decision.