If the levels of supervision are other than those specified in this    procedure, for PSCs, FO (DO/BO) and (Non-Mega TSCs), the ARC-M&B  will determine the deciding officials to be involved in each step.

The Step 2 and 3 officials listed above may use designees to complete their responsibilities.

The Administration shall not delegate down in the line function in using designees in the grievance procedure.

For the field component, the Step 3 official (Area Director), may delegate only to a District Manager or Area Administrative Assistant who had not previously been involved in the grievance decision.

Section 10--Union Management Grievance

Either party may opt to submit grievances through their respective representatives at the national, component, or local levels.  Grievances at the national level will be submitted to the Commissioner or designee or the General Committee spokesperson or designee as appropriate.  Grievances at the component level will be submitted to the component head or designee or the AFGE component president or designee, as appropriate.  Grievances at the local level will be submitted to the appropriate manager or designee and the designated Union official, as appropriate.

A grievance concerning a continuing practice may be presented at any time.  A grievance concerning a particular act or occurrence must be presented to the other party within twenty-five (25) working days of the action or date the moving party became aware of it.

Where the subject of a grievance involves a matter affecting both Field Office and PSC employees within a region, such a grievance will be designated as an "intra-regional" grievance.  Grievances at the "intra-regional" level will be submitted to the Regional Commissioner or designee, and a designated Union official within the region.

When a grievance is filed, the parties will meet and/or discuss the matter within ten (10) working days after receipt.  A written decision will be issued within ten (10) working days of the meeting. If the grievance is not settled by this method, the grieving party may invoke arbitration within thirty (30) working days after receipt of the final decision. However, prior to invoking arbitration, each party will consult with appropriate levels within its respective organization.  Either party may move its grievance to arbitration 45 calendar days after the grievance was filed.