a reconsideration prior to grieving a WIGI withholding."

E. the name of the official to whom the employee may submit a request for reconsideration;

F. the opportunity for the employee to contest, orally and/or in writing, the basis for the negative determination;

G. that an employee and/or his/her representative in duty status shall be granted a reasonable amount of official time to review material relied upon to support the negative determination and to prepare a response to the determination;

H. that an extension of the time period for making a reconsideration presentation may be granted upon request to the reconsideration official.

I. Language will be added to the Notice of Decision to Withhold Within-Grade Increase which states "If you wish, you may provide a copy of this notice to your union representative."

Section 4--Reconsiderations

A. When an employee files a request for reconsideration of a negative determination, an employee reconsideration file will be established which shall contain all pertinent documents relating to the negative determination.

B. On or before fifteen (15) days following the date of receipt of the employee's presentation or the date of completion of any investigation, whichever is later, the  reconsideration official shall issue a notice of decision to the employee.  Language will be added to the notice which states:  "If you wish, you may provide a copy of this decision to your Union representative.  If the negative determination is sustained, the notice of decision shall inform the employee that any grievance filed will enter the grievance procedure at the pre-arbitration stage.  The employee has 15 work days to file a grievance.

C. If the decision reverses the negative determination, the within-grade increase shall be effective on the first day of the first pay period following completion of the required waiting period.

Section 5--Redeterminations

When a determination is made that an employee's job-related activities are not at an acceptable level and the determination is final, the determining official may grant the  within-grade increase at any time when in his/her judgment the employee has demonstrated sustained total performance at an acceptable level of competence.  In such cases, the within-grade increase will be effective the first day of the first pay period after the acceptable determina