Article 22

Within-Grade Increases

Section 1--Basis for Granting or Denying

Within-grade increases will be granted or denied on the basis of whether an employee attains an acceptable level of competence and meets other statutory requirements.

Section 2--Supervisory Responsibilities
A. The decision to grant or withhold a within-grade increase must be supported by the employee's most recent appraisal.

B. Denial of a within-grade increase may not be used in lieu of disciplinary action.

C. At any time during the waiting period when a supervisor's evaluation leads to a conclusion that an acceptable level of competence is not being met, the supervisor will provide the employee with a minimum of 60 days to improve.  When such notice is necessary the employee will be given:

l. an explanation of each aspect of job-related activities in which    he/she falls below an acceptable level and how this renders his/her    performance on the job, as a  whole, below an acceptable level;

2. a statement of the acceptable level of competence in each of those    areas; and

3. a statement as to what the employee must do to achieve an acceptable level of competence in identified areas.

Section 3--Decisions
After completion of the waiting period, if the within-grade increase is to be denied, the employee will be given the supervisor's official determination in writing.  The determination will include:

A.  a statement of the reasons for the negative determination;

B. identification of the areas in which the employee must improve in order to be granted a within-grade increase;

C. the right to request a reconsideration not more than  15 days after receiving the negative determination;

D. the statement:  "Pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 5335(c), an employee must request