the specific basis (i.e. the critical job duties and responsibilities) for the proposed action including specific instances of unacceptable performance.

2. A representative. The employee must inform the deciding officia, in writing, of the representative's name.

3. A reasonable time, not to exceed 20 days, to answer orally and in writing.

The decision to retain, reduce in grade, or remove an employee shall be made within thirty (30) days after the date of expiration of the notice period.

D. The employee will be given a written decision which:

1. specifies directly or by reference the instances of unacceptable performance on which the decision is based; and

2. unless proposed by the Head of Agency, has been concurred in by the supervisor of the proposing official; and

3. specifies the effective date, the action to be taken, and the employee's right to appeal the decision.

E. The employee may appeal to either the Merit Systems Protection Board  in accordance with applicable law, or the Union, on behalf of the employee, may timely file a written request to invoke arbitration under the terms of this article. The choice of appeal forum is irrevocable. An employee shall be deemed to have exercised the appellate option at such time as the employee timely initiates an appeal under the statutory procedure or the Union, on behalf of the employee, timely files a written request to invoke arbitration, whichever occurs first. Arbitration must be invoked no later than 30 days after the effective date of the action unless EEO counseling is initiated pursuant to Article 24, Section 8.