his/her union representative, a written Performance Enhancement Plan (PEP) identifying the employee's performance deficiencies, the successful level of performance, and the action(s) that must be taken by the employee to improve to the successful level of performance, the methods that will be employed to measure the improvement, and any provisions for counseling, training, or other appropriate assistance. The supervisor will also notify the employee in writing that he/she is no longer in "Good Standing" and that the PEP supersedes his/her current annual certification. The goal of this PEP is to return the employee to successful performance as soon as possible.

B. A reasonable period of no less than 90 days under a PEP will be given for the employee to achieve successful performance. For seasonal employees, this period will be not less than 90 days in non-furlough status.

C. At any time during the PEP period, the supervisor may conclude that the employee's performance has improved to the Successful level and the PEP can be terminated. In that event, the supervisor will notify the employee in writing.

Section 8 - Adverse Action

A. Should all remedial action fail and the employee's performance is determined to be unacceptable, the supervisor will issue a certification of unacceptable performance to the employee and the employee may be liable for adverse action. One of the following actions may be pursued:

1. When the employee is capable of performing any position of the same grade, the supervisor may propose to reassign the employee to such a position.

2. When the employee is not capable of performing any position at the same grade but is capable of performing a position at a lesser grade, the supervisor may propose a demotion to a position at the next lower grade.

3. If neither (1) nor (2) above is feasible, the supervisor may propose a removal or demotion to a lesser grade.

B. An employee who is reassigned or demoted to a position at a lower grade will be issued a performance assessment certification 90 days after assignment to the new position.

C. An employee whose reduction in grade or removal is proposed for unacceptable performance is entitled to:

1. 30 days advance written notice of the proposed action which identifies