this meeting.

B. The supervisor, employee, and, if requested, a union representative, will meet to identify the specific problem, determine the root cause, and develop a written assistance paln to resolve the problem. Travel and per diem expenses for union representation will be paid. Local representatives will be used to the maximum extent possible.

C. The assistance plan will afford the employee a reasonable opportunity of at least 90 days to resolve the identified performance-related problem. For seasonal employees, this period will be not less than 90 days in non-furlough status. During this period, the employee will be deemed to be performing at a Succesful level for purposes of any performance-related personnel actions and will not be subject to adverse action for performance-related problems. This "deemed Successful" level will not constitute a finding of assessed level of performance.

D. The assistance plan will be tailored to the specific needs of the employee and may include formal training, on-the-job training, counseling, assignment of a journeyman mentor, or other assistance as appropriate.

E. The purpose of the period of assistance is to help the employee improve, rather than accumulate documentation as the basis for future performance-related adverse action. The parties agree that placing the employee on 100% review does not equate to appropriate assistance.

F. If the employee has chosen to be represented by the union, a union representative has the right to be present at all performance-related meetings with the employee.

G. At any time during the assistance period, the supervisor may conclude that assistance is no longer necessary. The supervisor will so notify the employee of this determination in writing.

H. If, following the assistance period, the supervisor is unable to make an assessment that the employee is successfully performing his/her critical job duties and responsibilities, the supervisor will give the employee a documented performance interview communicating this determination and notifying the employee that personnel-related actions (WIGI, awards, etc.) may be withheld while this level of performance continues.

Section 7 - Performance Enhancement Plan

A. After the period outlined in Section 6 above, the supervisor shall notify the employee in writing that performance is a problem to be addressed and that the employee has the right to union representation. The supervisor shall develop and discuss, in consultation with the employee and, if requested,