position description (PD).

2. At a minimum, each employee will receive an orientation briefing annually, at the beginning of the assessment period or upon entering on duty. The supervisor will assure that the employee has an up-to-date position description and will initiate a dialogue with the employee to discuss the employee's duties and responsibilities in relation to SSA's mission.

3. Critical job duties and responsibilities will be identified from each PD in accordance with Article 4, Section 3. The critical job duties and responsibilities will be annotated on the written PD. The PD will be presented to an discussed with the employee in the orientation session. The critical job duties and responsibilities communicated will be consistent for standard or like positions, to the maximum extent feasible. Variations from the standard or like positions will be based on real differences in the job.

4. Subsequent orientation sessions should be held when there is a change in the work situation such as:

  • a change in the supervisor of record,

  • when detailed,

  • a change in the component's goals or objectives,

  • a change in assignments,

  • a change in the work process or product of the component,

  • a change in the composition of the work team,

  • when seasonal employees return to duty, or

  • when an employee returns from an extended absence of 90 days or more.

B. Informal discussions are a standard part or supervision and should occur throughout an assessment period.

1. Discussions may be initiated by the supervisor or employee. Discussions may be held one-on-one or between a supervisor and a work group.

2. Discussions should be a candid, forthright dialogue between the supervisor and employee(s) aimed at improving the work process or product. The discussion will provide the opportunity to assess accomplishments and progress and identify and resolve any problems in the employee's or work team's work product. Where indicated, the supervisor should provide additional guidance aimed at developing the employee(s) and improving the work product or outcome. Discussions will provide the employee the opportunity to seek further guidance and