• Tasks;"

  • Recognition of special skills and contributions such as translation and interpretive activities done as a part of or in addition to regular job duties.

  • Group goals, not generic job tasks.

In short, individuals will be viewed "holistically," in a performance environment that is meant to accentuate the positive.

The assessment system will not:

  • Be used as a disciplinary tool;

  • Foster individual competition - - rather it will encourage unit and group achievement of the Agency's Mission;

  • Be based on numerical goals and/or numerical performance levels;

  • Be punitive, adverserial or labor-intensive.

An annual certification of "successful" assures employees of entitlement to within-grade increases, basic eligibility for promotion consideration, basic eligibility for award consideration and serves to as a positive, tangible assertion that the employee is in good standing.

Section 2 - Policy

A. The provisions of this article apply to all bargaining unit employees in the competitive and excepted service, including wage system employees, except employees excluded by law or 430.101 CFR.

B. The employee performance system in its entirety and its application will be fair, equitable, resonable and related to the employee's position description.

Section 3 - Communications

A. Every bargaining unit employee will receive orientation(s) regarding his or her job functions and responsibilities.

1. The orientation briefing will be provided by the employee's supervisor and will be an oral discussion to explain, clarify and communicate the employee's job responsibilities so there is a clear and common understanding of the duties and responsibilities contained in the employee's