Article 21


Section 1 - Overview

SSA will strive for continuous improvement in agency performance to fulfill SSA's commitment to provide quality public service. Accomplishment of the agency mission is intended to be achieved within an environment that recognizes the interdependence of employee contributions and thus promotes teamwork.

Improvement in agency performance will be sought by analyzing work processes and correcting systemic problems and/or revising processes, as appropriate. Consistent with SSA's commitment to an environment that promotes teamwork, the accomplishment of group or team objectives will be the cornerstone of performance assessment.

To promote teamwork and eliminate employee competition fostered by the agency's traditional 5-level system, a simplified performance assessment system will be employed. The purpose of the performance assessment system agreed to in this article is to provide a framework for honest feedback and open, two-way communications between employees and their supervisors. The system focuses on contributions within the scope of the employee's job description in achievement of SSA's overall service mission. Accomplishment of objectives is intended to be achieved within a teamwork environment. The assessment system includes an annual written certification of achievement for each employee. The main emphasis of  this system is day-to-day interaction among employees and supervisors which includes the implementation of modern and flexible work practices where the agency's objectives are emphasized by progressive personnel management.

Clearly, this Article describes an assessment system that is a marked departure from all previous systems. The parties intend for it to be viewed as a positive building block in the foundation of a new relationship based on shared interests and mutual objectives.

The assessment system will emphasize:

  • Employee development;

  • Administrative Simplicity;

  • The evolution of the supervisor's role to team leader and coach;

  • Overall employee contributions rather than one or more "Generic Job