the National Child Care Committee.  The Committee will have the opportunity to review and make recommendations which will be considered in the design of the facility.  The Committee will participate in the selection of the child care provider.  Any unresolved issues shall be referred to the National Child Care Committee for appropriate action.

Once the center becomes operational, the Committee will be replaced by a Board of Directors which the Committee will assist in establishing.  The Union will designate one representative to serve on the Board of Directors.

Union representatives on the Committee will be authorized official time not chargeable to any bank or cap for Committee activities.  NonUnion Committee members will be allowed necessary administrative time, consistent with the needs of the Agency, to participate in Committee activities.

Section 5--Employee Needs

The Agency agrees to grant emergency annual leave requests and to consider emergency requests for leave without pay brought about by unexpected changes in child care arrangements, contingent upon operational exigency.

The Agency agrees to utilize programs which may assist employees with child care needs; for example part-time employment, job sharing, leave, flextime, etc.

The Agency recognizes that it may be necessary for employees to contact child care providers during duty hours.

Section 6--Facilities

In accordance with 40 U.S.C.490(b), the Agency will provide space, equipment, furnishings and other services that the Agency determines necessary to support the operation of each SSA child care facility.

Section 7--Miscellaneous

The parties agree that his Article will not delay or impact on any pending child care initiatives.  The Union will be kept informed of the child care initiatives.

Section 8--Reopener

This Article may be reopened by either Party no earlier than two years from its effective date or change in child care laws, whichever is earlier.