Section 3--National Child Care Committee

The parties agree to establish a National SSA/AFGE Child Care Committee comprised of one representative from each national component of AFGE and an appropriate number of management members.  The Committee will initially meet prior to January 1, 1993. The Committee will meet for one week (or longer by mutual agreement) at least annually (or more often by mutual agreement).  These meetings will take place at a mutually agreeable location.

The major purpose of the Committee will be to monitor all child care activities and provide recommendations to the Agency on child care options/solutions for SSA offices such as construction, consortium, resource/referral activities, educational programs, emergency drop-in child care (occasional care), sick child care, school age program, etc.  The Committee will gather, analyze and share information on child care activities with the local child care committees.  This information may include, but is not limited to, the status of current activities, availability of funds, and results of surveys and/or feasibility studies.  The Committee will also research the availability of grant monies and other fund raising alternatives, etc.  In addition, the Committee will provide guidance to local child care committees.

Based on a consensus, Committee recommendations will be forwarded to the Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources for a decision.  At the same time, a copy of the recommendations will be forwarded to the Spokesperson, AFGE/SSA General Committee.  Agency decisions, including rationale, will be forwarded to the Committee within a reasonable timeframe, not to exceed 90 days.

The Agency will have subject matter experts available to meet with the Committee on an as needed basis.

Union representatives on the Committee will be authorized official time for Committee activities, not chargeable to any bank or cap.  SSA will pay travel and per diem expenses for the six Union representatives' participation at Committee meetings.

Section 4--Local Child Care Committees

When a site for an SSA Child Care Center is selected, the parties will establish a local committee comprised of one management representative, one Union representative, parents and other parties as appropriate.  The Agency will have subject matter experts available to meet with the Committee on an as needed basis.  The Committee will guide development of the local child care program, including development of marketing strategies, operating procedures, and admission priorities.

The Committee will forward copies of information concerning these issues to