Article 19

Upward Mobility

Section 1--Goal

The parties agree that the goal of upward mobility is to provide employees the opportunity to compete for Administration positions so as to advance and perform at their potential.

Section 2--Objective

In implementing upward mobility programs, the Administration will consider the following approaches which will provide for:

A.  Identification of job patterns and promotional opportunities commensurate with employee skills and potential;

B.  Lateral reassignments and bridge positions for employees whose current jobs do not provide and opportunity for further advancement;

C.  Education and training to provide employees the opportunity to enhance promotional qualifications;

D.  Staffing techniques;

E.  Elimination, whenever possible, of non-performance related impediments
as promotional factors.

Section 3--Affirmative Action Planning

Upward mobility objectives are to be an integral consideration in affirmative action planning and will be consistent with equal employment opportunity goals and objectives.

Section 4--Educational Programs

The Administration, where practicable, will continue to establish programs with local institutions or other training sources that  increase the opportunity for employees to participate in continuing education programs.