f.  Computer based voice-output systems or VDT screen enlargers  will be provided for visually impaired  employees.

g. Hardware and software will be configured to accommodate color blindness (blinking cursor, highlighting).

h.  Printer switches will be available in "light touch" and located  in an easily accessible location.

H. An employee may be provided assistive devices if the Administration determines that the use of the equipment is necessary to perform official duties.  Such equipment does not cover personal items which the employee would be expected to provide such as, hearing aids or eye glasses.

I.  SSA facilities shall be accessible to employees with disabilities.

J. The Administration will be liberal in granting leave to accommodate the condition of qualified employees with disabilities.  This policy will cover but not be limited to the following:

1. Supervisors will advise employees with mobility impairments of the    administrative procedures to request administrative leave when weather    conditions made it extremely difficult or hazardous to report to work.

2.  Leave without pay may be granted for illness or disability.

3.  Sick leave can be appropriately used by an individual with a disability, who uses prosthetic devices, wheel chair, crutches, guide dog, or other similar assistive devices, for equipment repair or guide dog training or medical treatment.

K.  The Administration will provide employees with disabilities  full consideration for all training opportunities.  Once an employee is selected for training, the Administration will provide reasonable accommodation to the employee to attend and complete the training.

It is the intent of the Administration to provide on-the-job training opportunities to qualified employees with disabilities consistent with operational needs.
Reasonable accommodations for training, both formal and on-the-job opportunities, include such things as:

1. modification of training and reference materials (example:  training    guides in Braille);

2.  provision for a qualified interpreter for deaf trainees;