dated.  The principal steps in restructuring jobs are:

1. Identify which factor, if any, which makes a job incompatible with a    worker's disability.

2. If a barrier is identified in a nonessential job function, it may be    eliminated so that the capabilities of the person may be used to the best    advantage.

3. Job restructuring does not alter the essential functions of the job,    rather, any changes made are those which enable the person with a    disability to perform those functions.

G.  Both parties agree that in many cases, changes in the work environment enable persons with disabilities to more effectively perform their job duties.  Alterations may be, but not limited to:

1.  Rearranging files or shelves;

2.  Widening access areas;

3.  Maintaining hazard-free pathways;

4.  Raising or lowering equipment;

5.  Moving equipment controls from one side to the other, or modifying    them for hand or foot operation;

6. Installing special holding devices on desks, benches, chairs or    machines.

7. With respect to the modernized systems environment, examples of    accommodations are:

a.  The surface that holds the terminal will be adjusted to a level          suitable to the employee's needs.

b.  The keyboard will have "light touch."  Guards and other  adaptive devices will be considered.

c.  Visually impaired employees will be permitted to  label "home" keys.

d.  Operational and training materials will be available in Braille.

e.  Lap trays will be considered.