B. The Administration agrees to furnish the Union the following EEO information  on a yearly basis:

1. Work force Profile by grade level according to sex, race, national    origin, and disabling condition.

2. Work force Profile by selected professional, administrative,  technical, clerical and other white collar categories,and the blue collar occupational category according to sex, race, national origin, and disabling condition.

3.Promotion trend data for selected positions according to sex, race,    national origin, and disabling condition.

4. Outside hiring statistics for selected positions according to sex,    race, national origin, and disabling condition.

5.  Age,  national origin, and disabling condition data that is maintained    by the Administration.

Section 5--Counselors

A. The parties agree that sufficient numbers of trained EEO counselors are necessary to a properly administered EEO program.  Counselors will be given training and will be available and accessible to employees.

B.  It is mutually agreed by the parties that the Union at appropriate levels may submit nominees for EEO counselor positions being filled on a collateral duty basis.  The Administration will appoint the equal opportunity counselors and will give consideration to the Union nominees.

C.  When feasible, employees may select EEO counselors of their choosing.  If the employee cannot be provided with a counselor of his/her choosing, the names of available counselors will be provided.

D.  Union officials representing employees in EEO complaints will have prompt access, subject to applicable EEOC procedures, to copies of the EEO Counselor and Investigative Reports and the personnel records of the complainant.

E.  Training on the subject of sexual harassment shall continue to be included in SSA's training program provided to EEO counselors.

F. In the Data Operations Centers, no employee shall be precluded from serving as an EEO Counselor based on grade level.