5.  Monitoring:

a.  SSA shall provide the Union annual status reports on workforce profile and action items;

b.  Any and all EEOC evaluation of SSA progress will be timely  provided to the Union.

c. The parties will meet  annually for up to 3 days at SSA Headquarters to assess progress and make recommendations for  adjustments, as appropriate.  The Union will be represented by up to six persons.  This meeting will be informal; however, a written report of the meeting will be prepared. This Union monitoring team and their management counterpart will also be considered as the parties' National EEO Monitoring Committee. Such meetings of the EEO/AEPP monitoring committee will, whenever feasible, take place concurrently with General Committee/Commissioner meetings.

In addition to its monitoring activities, the committee will receive a          briefing on the total Agency Program.

Committee recommendations will be submitted to the Director of OCREO. Should recommendations be referred to higher levels, the Union will be notified timely.

d. Where EEO committees that included AFGE involvement existed on (effective date of agreement), such committees will continue.

Section 3

Should adverse EEO impact be evidenced pursuant to the Affirmative Employment Program Plan, specific and measurable objectives shall be set to correct the conditions.  Those objectives will include but not be limited to:

A.  Validating existing selection procedures or;

B.  Modifying or substituting selection procedures to alleviate adverse impact.

Section 4--Information and Data

A.    The Administration shall make available to employees written information describing the Affirmative Employment Program Plan and the EEO complaint procedure.  The names and telephone numbers of collateral-duty EEO counselors will be posted on bulletin boards and kept current.  Where full-time EEO counselors are available at a work location, the telephone number of the EO Counseling Coordinator will be posted.