a.  Organization and Resources;

b.  Workforce Analysis:

(1)  Analysis of SSA's workforce by Professional, Administrative,              Technical, Clerical and Other White Collar Occupational Categories and the Blue Collar Occupational Category (PATCOB), grade groupings, and major occupations;

(2)  Comparison of SSA's workforce with the previous year's              workforce; and

(3)  Comparison of SSA's workforce with the appropriate civilian              labor force (CLF);

c.  Discrimination complaints (review bases, issues, and  findings of informal and formal complaints);

d.  Recruitment and Hiring;

e.  Employment Development Programs;

f.  Promotions;

g.  Separations; and

h.  Program Evaluation;

2.    Problem and Barrier Identification;

3.    Objectives and Action Items, including:

a.  A clear statement of specific and measurable  objectives and supporting action items which will resolve problems identified;

b.  Assignment of a responsible official for each objective and  action item;

c.  A target date for completion of each objective and action  item;

4.  Establishment of numerical objectives (goals) for each job category or  major occupation where there is a manifest imbalance or conspicuous absence of EEO group(s) in the workforce;