The OTS award allocation for bargaining unit employees will be split equally between management and the awards panels. OTS awards may be granted by either the panels or management.

D. Suggestion Award

1. The Administration will encourage employees to file suggestions under the SSA Suggestions Program. Suggestions will be considered in a fair and equitable manner. Suggestion awards will be appropriate for tangible suggestions, intangible suggestions, and problem identification, as defined in the SSA Suggestion System.

a. In the event of a decision regarding adoption or non-adoption of a suggestion not being made within 120 days of submission, the employee, upon request, will be given a written or oral status report.

b. Non-adoption of employee suggestions are to be written and contain specific reasons for non-adoption.

c. If the idea set forth in a rejected suggestion is later adopted, the appropriate suggestion coordinator, if the matter is brought to his/her attention within the 2-year period after the date of the rejection notice, reopen the case for award consideration.

d. An employee who informally submits a suggestion (i.e. orally gives his/her idea to a staff or management person) that is adopted, must submit it in writing within 1 year of the date the suggestion is placed in effect. Otherwise, the suggester will not be considered for a cash award.

2. The amount of suggestion awards approved or recommended will be in accordance with OPM guidelines set forth in FPM Chapter 451.

Section 6 - Time Off Awards

A Time Off award is an incentive award granted to an individual that allows an excused absence without charge to leave or loss of pay. This award is in recognition of contributions to the quality, efficiency or economy of operations.

Workloads and operational considerations, in terms of meeting public service, should be factored into decisions as to the extent to which this award should be used.

Employees with a certification of "Successful" are eligible for consideration to receive a Time Off award. It may be granted in addition to an honor award, Special Act or Service Award or On-the-Spot Award.