maintained high quality performance.

At the end of each assessment cycle the awards panels will forward recommendations to management for ROC awards.

Management may grant ROC awards to employees either as lump sum payments or as Quality Step Increases. Only one ROC award may be granted to an employee within a fiscal year. An employee's individual circumstances should be considered when determining the appropriateness of a QSI or a lump sum cash award.

To be eligible for a ROC, an employee must be in good standing. New employees to the Agency must have 90 days of service to be eligible for consideration.

By consensus, award panels may develop the method for dispensing ROC awards, e.g., standard dollar amounts, standard percentages, based on percentage of salary, based on grade ranges, etc.

B. Commendable Act or Service Awards (CASA)

The CASA is a special act or service award which recognizes individuals or groups for major accomplishments or contributions which have promoted the mission of the organization. Award amounts should be linked to the significance and impact of the accomplishment or  contribution. The minimum amount to be awarded for a CASA is $200. Employees who are not in good standing are ineligible for a CASA award. A CASA award may be made to an individual employee or to a group. A group may consist of individuals from a single organization or multiple components/office/units. The panel may empower the group to determine the distribution of the award money among the members.

Award panels will develop the criteria for CASAs and make the final decisions regarding the individuals and groups who will receive an award and the amount of money to be awarded.

C. On-the-Spot (OTS) Award

An OTS award, a form of  special act or service award, is a cash payment to an individual employee which recognizes noteworthy contributions or accomplishments in the public interest which are connected with or related to the recipient's official employment. The distinction between a CASA and an OTS award rests in the relative significance of the contribution or accomplishment.

Employees who are not in good standing are not eligible to receive an OTS award. The minimum amount of an OTS award is $50 and the maximum amount is $200.