• Grant the Partnership Recognition Award; and

  • Provide timely guidelines and oversight to award panels, including consideration of any funding constraints and budgetary limitations.

B. Award Panels

Each DC-level component will establish award panels at the lowest organizational level practicable, consisting of management and bargaining unit employees. The composition and membership of each panel will be decided jointly by union and management. The union will designate the bargaining unit panel members. Decisions will be made by consensus. Award panels will be formed at the beginning of the assessment period. Panels will perform the following functions in a fair and equitable manner, maintaining the strictest confidentiality and avoiding even the appearance of conflicts of interest.

  • Establish criteria for monetary awards. Criteria will be based on broad organizational goals and accomplishments, as opposed to individual performance.

  • Operate within parameters or guidelines provided by the NPC.

  • Recommend to management employees for Recognition of Contribution awards.

  • Decide on recipients and amounts to be awarded for Commendable Act or Service Awards and On-the-Spot Awards.

  • Grant Time-Off awards of 8 hours or less and recommend to management awards of more than 8 hours.

C. Second-Level Panels

  • Second-level panels will develop and administer a post-award review process for decisions made by lower-level panels to ensure fairness and equity.

  • The second-level panels will make decisions and/or recommendations, as described in part B above, for awards to employees who served on the lower-level panels.

Section 5 - Monetary Awards

A. Recognition of Contribution (ROC)

The ROC is a performance award which recognizes employees who have