Section 2 - Policy

A. Except for Recognition of Contribution awards, there is no limit on the number of awards that an individual employee may receive or the frequency with which he/she may receive awards.

B. When employees are considered for awards, the relative significance and impact of their contributions will be considered in determining which type of awards would constitute appropriate recognition and, for monetary awards, in determining the amount of money to be granted. Funding availability must also be considered in the granting of monetary awards.

C. Awards will be processed in a timely and expeditious manner.

D. The Agency will provide an award recipient with written documentation that clearly articulates the specific reason(s) that the employee received the award. Employees are encouraged to relate this information to specific evaluation criteria when completing applications for merit promotion.

E. The Administration will make reasonable efforts to allot awards' funding in proportion to the number of bargaining unit employees within each component.

Section 3 - Types of Awards

A. Recognition of Contribution (ROC) Award

B. Commendable Act or Service Award

C. On-the-Spot Award

D. Suggestion Award

E. Time Off Award

F. Partnership Recognition Award

Section 4 - Responsibilities

A. National Partnership Council (NPC)

The NPC will have the following responsibilities: