Article 17

Employee Awards and Recognition

Section 1 - Purpose and Policy

Recognition of employees through monetary and non-monetary awards reflects the parties' efforts to promote continuous improvement in Agency performance; the employee recognition program provides a positive indication of the parties' commitment to providing quality public service. The employee recognition program, as described in this Article, has the following  characteristics:

It is an incentive program; that is, employee recognition is based on achievement and improvement. Achievements are linked to the Agency mission of providing high quality service to the public. Strong emphasis is placed on recognition of efforts to improve service to the public. It is intended to motivate employees to strive for excellence.

It recognizes the accomplishments of employees both as individuals and as members of groups or teams. Because of the interrelationship of work performed by employees, enhanced Agency performance is sought through teamwork, not through competition among individuals. This program is based on the concept that individual employees who support the goals of their teams, their work units and, thus, the Agency, through personal efforts and accomplishments deserve recognition. It is also based on the concept that groups or teams which improve agency performance deserve recognition.

It recognizes that management, the Union and employees have important roles in identifying and recognizing employees deserving of awards and praise. The intent of this program is that awards are given in a fair and equitable manner, that awards serve to promote a positive work environment and that awards are truly linked to employee contributions that enhance Agency performance.

It provides for various forms of recognition, enabling the award recipient to be recognized in a meaningful manner.

It provides the flexibility necessary to adapt to a changing work environment and unanticipated circumstances. The intent of this program is that employees will be appropriately rewarded regardless of changes in the Agency's organizational structure, work processes or work initiatives.