D. When an employee is nominated for training, a copy of the employee's Individual Development Plan (IDP), if any, will be attached to the nomination and will be considered in the process.  Employees will be notified of the approval or disapproval of
their nominations and the reason for disapproval.  To the extent feasible, employees will be notified of the approval or disapproval prior to the starting date of the training.  Should an employee's nomination for training be disapproved for lack of resources, the employee may be renominated as funds later become available and the nomination will be given first consideration.

E. To the extent that work on a personal computer (PC) will be part of an employee's assigned work, a reasonable period of time to become proficient on the use of a PC will be given.

Section 4--Individual Development Plan

Career development for individual employees shall be encouraged through establishment of an Individual Development Plan (IDP).

A. The Administration agrees to provide information to employees, on an annual basis, on the purpose and means of establishing IDP's, and the designated approving officer.

B.  Because of the nature of their appointments, IDP's are not appropriate for term or temporary employees.

C. Employees may initiate IDP's through their supervisors or employee counselors, where available. The supervisor or employee counselor will assist the employee in the preparation of the IDP and will review it with the employee to assure conformance with organizational needs and individual career needs. The plan will be referred to the designated approving official and the employee will be notified of approval/disapproval or the need for modification.

Section 5--Employee Counseling for Tests

The Administration and the Union recognize that each employee should apply effort, time and initiative in increasing his/her potential through self-development, training and job performance.  When requested by an employee, the supervisor will provide counseling concerning areas of development the employee might consider in preparation for the taking of Employer-administered tests.