Article 16

Training and Career Development

Section 1--Statement of Policy

The parties agree that the primary function of training is to assure the optimum use of human resources in attaining organizational needs and, when feasible, to provide career development opportunities to employees.  While it is understood that determination of training needs is the responsibility of the Administration, the parties agree that the Employer should provide training necessary for the performance of the employee's assigned duties, and, where appropriate, for improvement of organizational and individual performance.
The Administration will continue providing a share of its training resources to prepare for existing and projected staffing needs.

Section 2--Non-Discrimination

The parties agree that nomination and/or selection of employees to participate in training and career development programs and courses shall be non-discriminatory and made without regard to sex, race, religion, age, marital status, ethnic group, handicap and Union membership or activity, and shall be in accordance with equal employment opportunity guidelines, and consistent with other applicable laws.

Section 3--Training Programs

A. The Administration will remind employees, at least annually, of the availability of Government-sponsored training programs, the general scope of training, the criteria for approval of training, and the nomination procedures.

B.  Training nominations and/or approval will be based on the potential use of the training in the employee's current position, or individual development plan (IDP), if any, and other criteria established by applicable law, rule or regulation.  Nominating and approving officials will apply such criteria equitably.

C. The Administration agrees to advise individual employees, upon request, of currently available Government-sponsored training courses so as to provide the employee the opportunity to express timely interest.