Article 14

Reduction-in-Force and Transfer of Function

Section 1--Negotiations

The Administration and the Union recognize that unit employees may be seriously and adversely affected by a reduction-in-force and/or transfer of function action.

In the event of a reduction-in-force and/or transfer of function, the Administration will notify the Union and fulfill its obligation to bargain consistent with 5 U.S.C. 71.

Section 2--Notification to Union

A.  Written notification shall be made at the earliest possible date but not less than 60 days prior to the advance notice to employees.  The notification will include:
        1.  The reason for the action to be taken;
        2.  The approximate number of employees who may be affected initially;
        3.  The types of positions anticipated to be affected initially; and
        4.  The anticipated effective date that action will be taken.

B.  The Administration shall provide the Union, upon request, with information in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 7114(b) (4).

Section 3--Notice to Employees

The Administration will give an advance notice of 60 calendar days to employees who may be affected by a reduction-in-force action.