Section 3--Space for Pamphlet Racks

To the extent practicable, the Administration will continue to provide the existing space for Union supplied publication racks in those installations which currently have been granted space for such racks.

Section 4--Copies of Agreement

A. The Administration will provide copies of this agreement, in quantities necessary for ratification purposes.

B. The Administration will provide, at no cost, booklet copies of this agreement, printed in type that can be read easily, to each employee on duty at the distribution date, and to all employees entering on duty after that date.
The former distribution shall be made within 90 days of the effective date of this agreement.

C. The Administration will also provide a reasonable number of additional booklet copies to the Union.

D. The Administration, in recognition of the special needs of the blind employees in the bargaining unit, will also provide copies of this Agreement in Braille to appropriate employees.

Section 5--Health Insurance Plans Information

The Administration agrees to provide bargaining unit employees with information on open enrollment periods and, upon request, information on the various types of health plans available to employees.

Section 6--Addressing New Employees

The Administration will provide the Union an opportunity to address new employees during orientation sessions and will introduce new employees to the Union representative.  Management will notify the designated local representative or local steward in field offices of orientation sessions.

Section 7--Electronic Message Boards in Teleservice Centers

The Union will be permitted to periodically display messages on the Agency's electronic message boards in the TSCs where available.  The Union agrees that information displayed on the electronic board will not contain items relating to partisan political matters or propaganda against or attacks upon individuals.