Article 12


Section 1--Bulletin Boards

A. The size, number and location of Union bulletin boards will remain as they are as of the effective date of this agreement, provided office facilities remain unchanged.

B. In new locations, the Administration will provide Union bulletin board space, not less than 24 inches X 36 inches.  The Administration will provide one bulletin board per floor at new locations.  Additional bulletin board space will be provided on the basis of one for each additional 300 bargaining unit employees per floor.

C. Union bulletin board space will be prominently identified as such by management and will be located in areas accessible to bargaining unit employees.    All postings will be marked prominently as "Union Notices," and only the designated Union bulletin boards will be used for such postings.

D. The Union agrees that information posted on bulletin boards will not contain items relating to partisan political matters or propaganda against or attacks upon individuals.  Information posted on bulletin boards by the Union relating to the installation, SSA or the Federal Government will not contain language which will malign the character of any individual Federal employee.

Section 2--Distribution of Union Publications

A. Official publications of the Union may be distributed on SSA property by Union representatives during the nonduty time of the  Union representatives who are distributing and the employees receiving the materials.  Distribution shall not disrupt operations.  All such materials shall be properly identified as official Union issuances.  Materials distributed will not malign the character of any Federal employee.

B.  The Administration agrees to distribute officially designated Union newsletters on a desk-to-desk basis in Headquarters, Program Service Centers and Data Operations Centers. This will not preclude Employer distribution in other installations if mutually agreed to.

This distribution will be limited to four (4) times per year unless mutually agreed to and the material distributed is subject to the criteria in Section 1(D).  All such material shall be properly identified as official Union issuances.