Section 4--Public Address System

The Administration will continue to make the public address system available consistent with established practices in those facilities where Union use was in effect as of March 12, 1988.

Section 5--Telecommunications System

A.  The Administration will continue to make telephones and the federal Telecommunications System (FTS) available to the Union for the conduct of labor-management relations, and wherever possible in other installations.

B.  The Union agrees that the use of telephones will not be used for internal Union business.

C.  Except for those installations where phone facilities are available in Union offices, Union representatives will complete logs, toll call slips, etc. which are required for normal business calls in the installation.

Section 6--Other Facilities and Services

The Administration agrees to furnish, where available, customary and routine services which are consistent with the best interest of the Employer, employees and the Union.  Such services include internal mail (for other than mass mailing), photocopy equipment, shuttle and the like.  This will include SSA Union representatives if they are conducting representational duties away from their permanent duty station.

Section 7--Use of Franking Privilege

Consistent with postal regulations, the Union shall have use of Agency franked envelopes limited to labor relations representational matters not including matters relating to internal Union business.