Article 11

Use of Official Facilities

Section 1--Office Space and Furnishings

A.  The Administration will continue to provide the Union such office space and furnishings as were being provided under component-wide agreements or other arrangements on December 1, 1992.  The Administration will make reasonable efforts to provide private space, as available, for confidential discussions between a bargaining unit member and a designated Union representative, when held in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

B. In addition to space which is currently provided, the Administration will provide space for 10 additional offices; one in each SSA region.  The amount of office space provided will be not less than 150 sq. ft. in each region.

C. All space provided is solely for the use of Administration employees or employees of AFGE.

Section 2--Issuances

A.  The Administration will provide the Union access to and/or copies of all labor-management materials as provided on December 1, 1992.

B.  Each local and national Union council will be provided with access to personnel manuals and guidelines when available in local facilities, and upon request, to copies of materials from  personnel manuals and guidelines.

C.  All distributions of issuances under this article will be at no cost to the Union.

Section 3--Non-Duty Use of Facilities

A.  The Administration will provide the Union with the use of facilities to the extent and under the circumstances in effect on December 1, 1992.

B.  The Administration agrees that where there are facilities they shall be made available for local meetings before or after duty hours or during lunch periods if such space is not already committed.  The Union must give sufficient advance notice to ensure no disruption to the normal mode of business.  The Administration will not be obligated to incur any additional abnormal expenses for use of such facilities, such as, heating or air-conditioning.