E.  All new hires, rehires or returning seasonals will be afforded the opportunity of electing CWS at the end of the required training period, provided training is scheduled for the entire workday.

F. Employees at a temporary duty station (TDY) will be governed by any CWS plan in effect at the TDY.

G.  If an employee's nonwork period or nonwork day causes him/her to miss meeting(s) or training session(s) conveying information for which the employee will be held responsible, his/her supervisor will ensure that this information is timely given to the employee.

H. In accordance with the provisions of Article 10 and this appendix (i.e., advance approval and recording/accounting procedures), credit hours can be earned by employees in the performance of official government business (e.g., bond drive, blood donations, CFC, labor/management relations).

I. Although the provisions of Article 10 and this appendix require the submission of credit hour requests "no later than the meal break the day before the credit hour(s) is to be worked," the Agency recognizes that there will be occasions when the Union representative will be unable to anticipate the need to work credit hours within that timeframe.  Under such circumstances, the Union representative will make his/her request as soon as reasonably possible, but in no case may the request be made and approval granted after the credit hours are worked.

J.  Notwithstanding any other provision of this appendix, should the Employer, at the DOC Council or local level, determine that it is unable to provide the level of service required to support the internal operations as well as the American public and carry out the daily work of the Agency, the appropriate Management official may temporarily suspend the CWS and/or credit hours, such action is appropriate subject matter for consultation and/or negotiation in accordance with Article 4 of this National Agreement.