altering which day the employee has as an off day or an eight-hour day.      The Agency agrees to minimize any such modifications.

4.  Employees requesting a change to their day off and/or eight-hour day    under a CWS schedule may make such changes only at the semi-annual requesting period.  Hardships will be handled on an exception basis by  management.

5. Should a Federal holiday fall on an employee's nonwork day, the    employee will get the following workday off.

6.  Employees working a CWS may not earn credit hours.   

7. To the extent possible, employees who are participating in a CWS and  are assigned to a new unit will be allowed to continue their existing CWS schedule.

8. Compressed work schedules (CWS) will be determined by Management in a fair and equitable manner.  Work schedules will be designed so that approximately 10 percent of the employees in the work unit by position can be off work at one time on a compressed work schedule.  However, this  amount may be increased depending upon workload and differing demands. This is over and above normal leave usage.  In computing the 10 percent staffing figure, Management will round up to the next whole person.

Section 6--General Provisions

A.  Employees in travel status, scheduled for training, conferences, or other unusual activities necessitating set hours may be required to revert to fixed tours as set in the individual DOC and SRC.

B.  In the event of inclement weather or other emergency conditions resulting in an administrative decision to authorize late arrival or early dismissal, employees shall revert to their appropriate fixed tours; e.g., nine hour tours on a nine-hour day for employees on a CWS plan.

C.  Existing policies and practices remain in effect unless in conflict or inconsistent with this appendix.

D.  Consistent with operational needs, training and meetings will be scheduled to minimize interference with the use of the morning flexible band.  On days that training and/or meetings are scheduled, employees will arrange their time of arrival so as to be  present for such training and/or meetings.  Employees who are scheduled to attend all day or partial day out-of-office training may be required to revert to normal office working hours.