D. Management will implement modified flextour experiments in ADOC and SDOC fixed shift personnel. The modified flextours will provide these employees an option of reporting either 15 minutes before or after their tour/shift begins; e.g., the DOC tour is 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the modified flextour reporting times are 7:45 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.  Employees would leave 8 1/2 hours after their reporting time.

E.  The starting times will remain unchanged in SDOC and WBDOC and the ending times will remain unchanged in ADOC. The shifts of all DOC employees, currently fixed, will remain fixed.

F.  Employees at a temporary duty station (TDY) will be governed by the work schedule plan in effect at the TDY.

Section 4--Provisions Related to Credit Hours

A. Eligibility

Employees working CWS are excluded from participating in the credit hour plan.

B.  Procedures for Working Credit Hours

1.Credit hours can only be worked on days that the employee is scheduled to work. Credit hours must be worked within established flexible schedules.

2. Credit hours are worked in an initial increment of one-half hour and    subsequent increments of one-quarter hour each day.  Both full-time and part-time eligible employees may work a maximum of one credit hour per scheduled workday during the season and two credit hours during the off-season as applicable, and twelve hours per pay period provided that appropriate work is available for the employee and it can be performed at the requested time(s).  Management may permit accrual of more than twelve  credit hours per pay period on an exception basis, but in no case may an  employee accrue more than 15 hours per pay period.  It is the intent of the parties that credit hours will not be accrued and used in a manner that would be characteristic of a 4-40 compressed work schedule.

3. To work credit hours, an eligible employee must first complete and    submit a form (attachment 1 or equivalent) to obtain approval.  Requests to  work credit hours must be made no later than the meal break the day before the credit hour is to be worked.  A written explanation will be provided for any denial.

4. Serial sign-in/sign-out sheets will be used to record credit hours.