Appendix G

Flextime, Credit Hour Plans and AWS for Data Operations Centers (DOC) and the Security Records Center (SRC)

Section 1--Purpose

This appendix sets forth the AWS (including flextime and compressed work schedules) and credit hour procedures to be followed in the DOCs and SRCs, and provides authority for DOC and SRC employees to participate in these plans.  In reaching agreement on this appendix, neither party waives any provision of the National Agreement, laws or government-wide regulations.  The parties recognize that the alternate work schedule (AWS) provisions reflected in this appendix are solely designed to meet the specific workload and employee needs of the DOCs and SRCs, and may not be appropriate for other SSA components.

Section 2--General

The parties understand and agree that flexible work schedules, credit hours or compressed work schedules will be initiated by the employee and compressed work schedules and credit hours will be subject to the approval of management.  In contrast, the parties understand and agree that overtime and compensatory time are initiated by the agency.

Section 3--Provisions Related to Flextime

Flexible bands are the specific periods of the work day during which employees have the opportunity to vary their starting and departure times.  The flexible bands in the DOCS and SRC will result in the following:

A.  During the non AWR season, SDOC & WBDOC will have a two-hour flexible band and ADOC a two-and-one-half hour flexible band in which nonfixed shift employees may earn credit hour(s) or work a 5-4-9 schedule.

B. In the SRC, and in the DOCS during the AWR season, there will be a one-hour flexible band during each shift in which the nonfixed shift employees may earn a credit hour or work a 5-4-9 schedule.

C.  Management further agrees to conduct a flextime experiment for fixed-shift personnel during the AWR season at WBDOC.  This experiment will run for a 12-month period and will include a definite evaluation period at the conclusion of the process.  The evaluation criteria and procedures will be negotiated by the parties prior to any implementation of the experiment.