precluded from participating in the CWS plan for one or more pay periods. During such periods, the employee may participate in a flexible schedule to the extent that she/he is not required to be on a fixed tour.

4. Operational exigencies may dictate that an employee participating in    the CWS plan may be required by management to have his/her schedule modified for a particular pay period.  The modifications may include    altering the employee's off day and/or eight-hour day. The agency agrees to minimize any such modifications.

5. An employee may request a change in his/her day off because of    extenuating circumstances, subject to mutual agreement.

6. When a Federal holiday falls on an employee's nonwork day, the    employee will get the following work day off.

7. Employees on a CWS may not earn credit hours.

8. Employees participating in a CWS schedule who are involuntarily    assigned to a new unit eligible for CWS will be allowed to continue their    existing CWS schedules.

Section 4--Flextime Provisions

For PSC employees, flexible bands and core time in effect in the PSCs on April 13, 1990 are modified to extend the flexbands to 6 a.m and 6 p.m.

Section 5--General Provisions

A.  Employees in travel status, scheduled for training, conferences, or other unusual activities necessitating set hours may be required to revert to fixed tours as prescribed by the respective PSCs.

B.  In the event of inclement weather or other emergency conditions resulting in an administrative decision to authorize late arrival or early dismissal, employees shall revert  to their appropriate fixed tours; e.g., nine hour tours on a nine-hour day for employees on a CWS plan.

C.  Employees participating in the flextime plan may be required to report to work at a set time because of a particular work activity, such as a training class.  The assignment of a fixed reporting time does not necessarily preclude the employee from working credit hours within the remaining portion of the established flexible schedule for the PSC.

D.  Employees at a temporary duty station (TDY) will be governed by any AWS plan in effect at the TDY.