April-June; July-September; and October-December.  For purposes of    beginning a new quarterly schedule, each quarter will begin the first full    pay period of the first month of the period.

2. In order to be included in the CWS plan, eligible employees must    submit, within the first five workdays of the month preceding the start of    each period, requests for a tentative work schedule using a form designated by management.  The request must specify the day the employee wishes to be off and the day the employee wishes to work eight hours.  Management will act on these requests as soon as possible, but no later than 10 workdays following the end of the requesting period.  A written explanation will be provided when an employee's requested schedule is not approved.

3.  Management will consider operational needs and employee preferences in making assignments to work schedules. In the event of conflicts after  operational needs have been met, the employees involved will be asked to resolve the conflict between or among themselves.  Any remaining conflict  will be resolved in favor of the employee with the earliest SCD.  This  process will be repeated for each scheduling period.

4.  Employees who wish to discontinue a CWS schedule may do so by    notifying their supervisors in advance in writing.  This action will take    effect the beginning of the next period; i.e., the employee must complete    the current pay period.

5.  Employees who discontinue a CWS schedule must wait until the next    three-month scheduling period before applying to return to a CWS    schedule.

6. To the extent that office hours permit, employees on a CWS may vary    their arrival times within the prescribed flexible bands as long as they    have sufficient time to complete their scheduled eight-or nine-hour    workday by the latest departure time.

B.  Special Provisions for CWS Schedules

1. Part time employees are not eligible for CWS.

2. Any PSC-wide suspension of the CWS plan for workload-related reasons  will be preceded by advance notice to the Union in accordance with Article  4 of this National Agreement.

3. An employee may be involved in travel, training, or unusual activities    that do not accommodate a CWS.  Consequently, an employee may be