3.  Employees eligible to work credit hours will be permitted to do so,    provided there is appropriate work available and it can be performed at the  requested time(s).  Requests to work credit hours must be made no later than noon the day the credit hour is to be worked.  A written explanation will be provided for any denial.

4.  Attachment 1 or its equivalent will be used to record credit hours in    those PSC components currently using time recording devices.  For those PSC components currently using sign-in/sign out sheets, the serial sign-in/sign-out sheet will be used.

5. Employees may accrue credit hours so that the total exceeds the 24    hour maximum limit every other week.  However, the hours in excess of 24 must be requested and used prior to the end of the pay period.

A full-time employee may carry over from one pay period to the next a    maximum of 24 credit hours, regardless of when they were earned, without  risk of forfeiture.

6.  A part-time employee can accumulate or carry over to a succeeding pay period not more than one-fourth of the hours in such employee's biweekly basic work requirement.

C. Procedures for Using Credit Hours

1. Employees will request to use earned credit hours in advance, using    Form SF-71.

2. Employees may use credit hours in increments of one-quarter hour.      They may be used alone, in lieu of or in combination with approved annual leave, sick leave, or leave without pay in order to take a full day(s) off.

3.  Supervisors will approve credit hours using the same criteria used for    the approval of leave.  Any conflict between credit hour requests will be    resolved in favor of the employee(s) with the earliest service computation date (SCD).

Section 3--Compressed Work Schedule (CWS) Provisions

A.  Scheduling CWS (5-4-9) Plans

1. 5/4/9 plans will be approved for three-month periods four times a    year.  The four prescribed periods will be as follows:  January-March;