F.  OPIR employees who are AFGE representatives will be given the opportunity to work credit hours in the performance of Labor-Management activities.

Appendix F

Flextime, Credit Hour Plans and AWS for Program Service Centers

Section 1--Purpose

This appendix sets forth the AWS (including flextime and compressed work schedules) and credit hour procedures to be followed in the PSCs and provides authority for PSC employees to participate in these plans.  In reaching agreement on this appendix, neither party waives any provision of the National Agreement, laws or government-wide regulations.  The parties recognize that the alternate work schedule (AWS) provisions reflected in this appendix are solely designed to meet the specific workload and employee needs of the PSCs and may not be appropriate for other SSA components.

Section 2--Credit Hours

A.  Eligibility

The following are excluded from participating in credit hours:

1.  Employees temporarily reverting to a fixed tour pursuant to the terms    of this article or appendix.

2.  Employees working a CWS.

3. Employees designated by the terms of any local agreements previously  negotiated as represented in Section 6.

B.  Credit Hour Procedures

1. Credit hours can only be worked on days that the employee is scheduled to work. Credit hours must be worked within established flexible schedules.

2.  PSC employees may earn credit hours in an initial increment of one-    half hour and subsequent increments of one-quarter hour.  Both full-time    and part-time eligible PSC employees may work a maximum of two credit hours    per scheduled workday.  Employees will not earn and use credit hours in a pattern that creates a de facto 4/40 compressed schedule.