C. Holidays and CWS

1. If a federal holiday falls on the day an employee would otherwise be    off-duty under the 5-4-9 schedule, the employee will have the following    work day off.

2. In the event of a late opening or early closing on a day that would    otherwise be an employee's nine (9) hour day, the employee will be deemed as having completed the nine hour day.

D. Continuation of Special CWS Arrangements in Atlanta RO

Employees in the Atlanta RO who are currently working a 4/40 CWS may continue to do so.Once such an employee elects to be included under the ROPIR MOU on AWS dated 3/9/90, eligibility to work a 4/40 schedule shall cease.

Section 6--General Provisions

A.  Employee time will be recorded on serial sign-in/out sheets.  Management will determine the appropriate locations of the sign-in/out sheets.  Such locations will be convenient to all employees in a given work unit.  Employees will sign in upon the start of work and sign out at the end of work.  Employees will not be required to sign in and out at lunch except when the normal lunch period is exceeded or leave is taken.

B.  Staff Meetings, Training Sessions, etc.

Employees whose non-work period or day causes them to miss a staff meeting(s), a training session(s), etc. shall not be disadvantaged by the use of credit hours, leave, or the compressed work schedule.

C.  Employees who are attending official training courses or conferences will revert to their established fixed schedule, or when necessary, to a schedule set for the course or conference.

D.  Management will provide the Union with advance written notice of any survey or study concerning CWS and/or credit hours in which information is sought from bargaining unit employees.

E.  If at any time either the President, National Council of Field Assessment Locals (or designee) or the Associate Commissioner, OPIR (or designee) believe that there is a problem with the plans covered by this appendix, either party may submit to the other party an outline of the situation.  Both parties will make a good faith effort to expeditiously resolve any problems or misunderstandings.