B.  Requests for 5-4-9 Plan

1. 5-4-9 plans will be approved for a six (6) month period twice a year.      The two prescribed periods are January through June and July through    December.  Requests to work a CWS will be submitted by May 31 and November 30, respectively.

2.  Each employee desiring to work under a 5-4-9 plan should submit a    written request to their supervisor on the current form.  The Employer will    act upon these requests as soon as possible, but in no case later than twenty (20) days following the end of the requesting period.  Employees  already established in a 5-4-9 schedule will not be required to file a new request for each new requesting period.

3.  Management will consider operational needs and employee preference in making assignments and reassignments to work schedules.  Once operational needs are taken care of, any  conflicts in initial scheduling that result  will be resolved in favor of the employee with the earliest service computation date.  In such cases, as soon as possible within the thirty (30) days Management has to act, the supervisor will communicate the reason(s) for denial of the initial request, in writing, to the employee.

4. Employees covered by this appendix will have a one (1) month request period beginning two (2) months before the start of the next 5-4-9 scheduled period (i.e., November is the employee's request period for the January through June 5-4-9 schedule; May for the July through December period).  Management will make a decision in the month following the request period, either by June 20 or  December 20, respectively.

5.  After notifying his/her supervisor, an employee may go from the CWS    (5-4-9) schedule to a flexible schedule at the beginning of any pay    period.

6. A new six (6) month 5-4-9 schedule will begin the first day of the    first full pay period of the first month of the new 5-4-9 schedule.

7. Premium pay for compressed schedules will be consistent with P.L. 97-221.