E. Consistent with the assignment involved and with prior management approval, ROPIR employees may earn credit hours while working in field locations.

F. Requesting and Using Credit Hours

1. Employees should submit requests to work credit hours for the workweek  as far in advance as possible.  The request will be submitted on the  current form and will be submitted to the immediate supervisor.  In the supervisor's absence, the request will be submitted to another available line manager.

A copy of the request will be returned to the employee and documented as approved or denied (including a specific reason for the denial) as soon as  possible on the same day it is submitted.  In the case that there is not enough work available, it is understood that the employee(s) receiving earlier approval will receive priority over those receiving later    approval.

2. F(1) above does not preclude requesting and working, with supervisory approval, same day credit hours.

3.  If credit hours are requested and approved and overtime is subsequently made available, the employee will be afforded the opportunity    to elect to work the overtime.

4.  Use of earned credit hours will be requested by submitting a form SF-    71.  Credit hours can be used in conjunction with any other type of leave    and/or compensatory time.

5.  Part-time employees may work credit hours on their day off, subject to all other provisions of AWS plan. (Maximum of 2 hours per day.)

Section 5--CWS Provisions

A.  General

1. In each two (2) week period, the employee would work eight (8) nine    (9) hour days and one (1) eight (8) hour day.  With the inclusion of a    thirty (30) minute lunch, the employee's schedule should reflect eight (8)    nine and one-half (9 1/2) hour days and one (1) eight and one-half (8 1/2) hour day.

2. The CWS plan may be suspended when employees are to attend training  classes with fixed beginning and ending times that would conflict with the CWS plan or in other situations returning to a standard (fixed) schedule.