b. Credit hours earned on a daily basis will be recorded by the employee on the appropriate time and attendance roster.  Employees  will be informed of the uniform credit hour code, and will record the number of hours worked and the code.

6.  Use of Credit Hours

Use of credit hours may be requested by submitting a form SF-71.  The    employee will check the block to the left of "Other" and write out "credit    hours" or the credit hour code to the right of "Specify."  Credit hours can    be used in lieu of, or together with, approved leave and/or compensatory    time.

Section 10--Miscellaneous

A.  If Management proposes to make any change to the AWS Plan (including the CWS Plan and the Flextime Plan) or the Credit Hour Plan of bargaining unit employees, or to restrict the application of the Plans to any new position, the Union will be notified and given an opportunity to bargain in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 71.

B.  In the performance of labor-management activities, OHA employees who are AFGE representatives will be given the opportunity of choosing to work either the CWS plan or the Credit Hour Plan in accordance with the provisions of this appendix.

C.  Management will provide the Union with advance written notice of any survey or study concerning CWS and/or credit hours in which information is sought from bargaining unit employees.

D.  This appendix does not preclude an employee from requesting an altered tour of duty for specific personal reasons.

E.  If at any time either the President, AFGE Council 215 (or designee) or the Associate Commissioner, OHA (or designee) believes that there is a problem with the plans covered by this appendix, either party may submit to the other party an outline of the situation.  Thereafter, both parties will meet to make a good-faith effort to expeditiously resolve the problem or misunderstanding.