2. Credit hours can be earned in the following manner:

a.  Each day, the first increment must be 30-minutes.
b.  Subsequent increments may be 15 minutes.

3.  Pursuant to Public Law 97-221, the maximum number of credit hours a  full-time employee may carry over from one pay period to the next pay    period is twenty-four (24).  Part-time employees may accumulate and carry over not more than 1/4 of the hours in such employee's biweekly basic work week.

4.  Request to Work Credit Hours

a. Normally, the employee will request the opportunity to earn          credit hours during the workday preceding the workday credit hours are to be worked.  The request will be submitted to the first-line supervisor on a form designated by management.  In the supervisor's absence, the request will be submitted to the next available line manager. The request will be documented as approved or denied (including any explanation for a denial) as soon as possible, but no later than the workday preceding the workday before the hours are to be worked.

b. 4(a) above does not preclude submission and approval of a          request to work credit hours for more than one workday in the future as long as the total hours accrued does not exceed twenty-four (24).

c. 4(a) above does not preclude working same day credit hours          upon mutual agreement of the employee and Management.

d. If credit hours are requested and approved and overtime is          subsequently made available in advance of working the credit hours approved, the employee will be afforded the opportunity to elect to work the overtime.

5.  Recording Credit Hours

a. Credit hours earned, used, and the balance remaining will          be recorded on Form SSA-2042, Administrative Time and Leave Record, in the available space to the right of "Regular Comp."  Upon request, employees will be informed of their credit hour balance.  The uniform written code (CH) will be entered in the space available in the "KEY" section of the form.  This code will be used in the blocks provided  for each day to annotate credit hours used.