Section 7--Holidays and CWS

The Employer will inform employees of the effect CWS has on holidays, overtime pay and premium pay (5 CFR 610 and 5 U.S.C. 6120).  If a holiday falls on an employee's day off under the CWS schedule and the employee's off-day is a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, the employee will get the preceding day off as an "in-lieu of" holiday.  If the  holiday falls on the employee's Monday off under the 5/4/9 schedule, the employee will get Tuesday off as an "in lieu of" holiday.

Section 8--Temporary Suspension of CWS

A.  Occasions may arise when the CWS plan must be temporarily suspended as a result of unusual workload needs or an operational exigency.  The Employer shall make every reasonable effort to avoid suspension of an employee's participation in the CWS plan.  If 5/4/9 is suspended, effected employees should be allowed to earn and use credit hours in accordance with credit hours rules during suspension.

B.  The CWS plan may be temporarily suspended when an employee is to attend a training class with fixed beginning and ending times which could conflict with the CWS plan.

C. Delayed openings or early closings will not alter the employee's CWS plan.

Section 9--OHA Credit Hour Provisions

A.  Eligibility to Participate in the OHA Credit Hour Plan

Management agrees to implement credit hours in the Wilkes-Barre Word Processing Center.  Bargaining unit employees will be permitted to earn up to one credit hour per day if approved, provided that there is appropriate work at the requested time.

All other OHA AFGE bargaining unit employees are also eligible to participate in the credit hour plan.  However, an employee may not participate in the CWS Plan and Credit Hour Plan simultaneously.

B. Credit Hour Procedures in OHA   

1. Participants in the OHA credit hour plan will be permitted to earn up    to two (2) credit hours per day, if approved, provided that there is    appropriate work at the requested time(s). Employees may accrue credit hours so that the total exceeds the 24 hour maximum limit every other week. However, the hours in excess of 24 must be requested and used prior to the end of the pay period.