Thursday          9    9    9    9  8 = 44 hours
              Group 2            9    9    9    0  9 = 36 hours      80 hours

              Friday                9    9    9    9    0 = 36 hours
              Group 1            9    9    9    9    8 = 44 hours    80 hours

              Friday                9      9    9    9    8 = 44 hours
              Group 2            9      9    9    9    0 = 36 hours    80 hours

2. Employees will be given an opportunity to request a compressed work    schedule designating their preferred day off and 8 hour workday. The employee will submit the request to his/her first-line supervisor. The employee's choice of a non-work day will be subject to the approval of the first line supervisor.

3.  Management will consider operational needs and employee preference in    making assignments and reassignments to work schedules.

4. 5/4/9 plans ordinarily will be approved quarterly. The four (4)  quarters will be as follows:  January-March; April-June; July-September; and October-December.  For purposes of beginning a new quarterly schedule, each quarter will begin the first full pay period of the quarter.

5. Conflicts in initial scheduling will be resolved in favor of the  employee with the earliest service computation date.

6. If a conflict arises after initial assignments, the employees will    attempt to resolve the scheduling problem themselves.  To ensure that all employees have an opportunity to have the most popular days off, rotation between schedules will occur on a quarterly basis if the employees cannot resolve the problem.

7. In order for an employee to be included in the CWS plan or change    his/her schedule under the plan, the employee must submit his/her request on a form designated by management at least 30 calendar days before the beginning of the quarterly period.  The request must specify the day the employee wishes to work eight (8) hours and the day the employee wishes to be off.  Management will act upon these requests as soon as possible, but  no later than 10 work days following the end of the requesting period.

8. Employees may request to work or return to a 5/4/9 compressed work    schedule plan effective on a quarterly basis.  An employee may opt to    discontinue working under the plan effective the beginning of any pay    period.  Employees who wish to discontinue working under the plan may do so by completing a form designated by management.